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Section Announcements


March 20: JMU Student Chapter/Chesapeake Chapter Career Panel

March 21: RTP Chapter "Breaking Down the Plastic Problem" 

April 11-12: W
aste Information Exchange

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A&WMA Announcements

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 April 11-12: Waste Information Exchange
April 21-23: Leadership Training Academy

June 5-8: ACE 2023

What is A&WMA?


The Air & Waste Management Association (A&WMA) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan professional organization that provides training, information, and networking opportunities to 8,000 environmental professionals in 65 countries. The Association's goals are to strengthen the environmental profession, expand scientific and technological responses to environmental concerns, and assist professionals in critical environmental decision making to benefit society.


What is the South Atlantic States Section?


The South Atlantic States Section (SASS) is comprised of A&WMA members that reside in Maryland, Virginia, North and South Carolina and the District of Columbia. Within SASS there are two local chapters: the Baltimore/Washington Chapter and the Research Triangle Park (Raleigh/Durham) Chapter. Additionally, there are student chapters at North Carolina State University, Duke University, North Carolina A&T University, and James Madison University.

The SASS hosts Specialty Conferences and Workshops for international membership in addition to its own conferences, meetings, and workshops. The Chapters provide more frequent meetings for local members.


Where does one find additional information on the Association?


For more information about the Air and Waste Management Association, go to:


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